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Most of these are based on Peter Ling’s novelisation…which includes some very, very cool scenes that I wish they could have included!

Art World…breaking in slowly

A shop owner wants to sell prints of my art, and - the cost of printing and wrapping out of the commission because he knows I have no money for it right now.


And thrilled.

Really, really thrilled.

It isn’t much money, but it is a way of getting the word out!!

Second Doctor Conondrums

OK, we know that Two was the original Deadly Doctor.

As one blogger wrote, ‘The Trout, he taketh no prisoners.”  His trick was to con the conman, to slip the tables on his opponants—using a villain’s worst traits —greed, hate, lust of killing and conquest—upon themselves.  

Which elevated the level of violence on the show all the way up to Victorian Nursery Room Morality Tales. 

So where do we file Omega?

Technically, Two didn’t off Omega.

His recorder did.

So does that mean Two did off Omega, by going into a technicality’s technicality?

Particularly love the top left and bottom right because they are both shots of his ‘Thinking At YOU’ mode, which hardly ever boded well for villainy.

Particularly love the top left and bottom right because they are both shots of his ‘Thinking At YOU’ mode, which hardly ever boded well for villainy.

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"…locked him in the Tower in eternal sleep."

The Five Doctors - 1983

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 Anonymous said:

I’m a bit confused, is rassalon dead and entombed in the death zone in the five doctors or is that where he goes to sleep for a century or two?

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 In The Five Doctors, the Second Doctor suspected that the rumours and legends were true; that Rassilon was not dead.

I think that the ghostly head that appears above Rassilons sarcophagus at the end of The Five Doctors was a physic projection from Rassilon’s sleeping mind, and not (as has been suggested in the past) his ghost or some sort of computer controlled hologram.

Also; I think the Rassilon we see as played by Timothy Dalton during the Tenth Doctor’s era was the same Rassilon, revived and regenerated to lead Gallifrey during its greatest crisis. Again, this might be confirmed by the Second Doctor’s suspicions above, because Dalton’s Rassilon did turn out to be very capable of ‘cruelty’.

Just my opinion. I wonder, what do our fellow Whovians think?

- Cleo

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Two was one of the smartest, craftiest Doctors, hands-down.  He usually knew what was up, and would then make it seem as though he had absolutely no clue, just to throw foes off.

Also, this takes place during Season 6B, prior to Two’s reunion with Jamie.  He’s the Celestial Intervention Agency’s errand boy right now, but that does mean he has access to information that other Time Lords wouldn’t have at this point.

With those in mind, I’m going to say that If Two says something, it’s probably true.  So, I’m going to go with Rassilon being put into a forced sleep in a revolution/coup due to his cruelty.

I agree.  It was perfectly in character of Two to act like he didn’t know what was going on—Drs 1 and 3 openly admitted to feeling something was wrong about the Ring of Rassilon, but Two airily fobbed it off—but when Borusa appeared, he was the first to verbalize Borusa was after the Ring—he was also the first one to call Dr 5 to join forces.

There is also the fact that Drs 2-3 were open about their training with Tibetan msyticism, where ‘death’ is a word that is very useful when talking to people who actually believe in death…but as 2 said, who knows?  Eternal Sleep could be seen as death…or in the case of T5D, living death!

Tour of haunted Tacoma, Commencement Bay

Wall mural is by the artist Wayland








a guide to some common and/or popular australian birbs by your friendly neighborhood australian 

emus always seemed more psychotic than stupid to me


Anything from Australia will onyl be nice to you only if you have food

except the cassowary, you stay the fuck away from those demons

the thing is these are all so accurate



Cute and fluffy with a pretty song they may be (also a footy team) BUT LETHAL. THE MAGPIE WILL FUCK YOUR SHIZ UP.



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Second Doctor: Messed up Regeneration

…looking at the stills of POWER OF THE DALEKS, I’d dearly love to know the story behind the Second Doctor’s right hand.  He’s wearing a bandage around the joint of the index finger, but he also just regenerated. 

I guess the TARDIS, which was clearly out of practice with this, missed a few things (like the black tooth)…

Aaand Again

Season 6B

Jamie and the Doctor.

They’re in the secondary Console Room, and they’re wearing clothes that don’t fit.  There’s a story to it. Oh, yeah.  If you look, you can see some of the Doctor’s secret pockets poking out.

Quite a difference a scanner makes…

The top is a color scan; Watson in he Underground, sitting on a fruit crate and looking pensive as he thinks.  This is more like Bartimus Crotchety’s take on our good Doctor than my own, but I’d be glad to claim him, really.  I was thinking a lot of this era and how Watson worked with the police during the hiatus.  Definitely an hiatus-period illustration!

The graphics on the wall are fascinating.  They are designed to catch the eye of a person trapped and bored in lighting conditions that range from too-bright to faulty.  There is a lot of clean not-quite-sans-serif font and white print on black.  The use of negative space means that any scrap of light—such as on a headline—will be grabbed by the eye.  I love little discoveries like that..!